Kitty Cat Birthday Cake

My grandson’s favorite animal is a grey cat that was his pet when he was a little tyke.  I loved adding this special touch to his birthday party with a cat shaped cake.

BIRTHDAY cakeI baked one chocolate cake mix in two round cake pans and another cake mix in a small round bowl and a loaf pan.  One round cake was cut in half and white frosting glued them together for the body.  The other round cake and loaf pan was cut into pieces for the legs, paws, and tail.  The bowl shaped cake formed the head.  All cut pieces were frozen to make them easier to frost.  Black coloring was added to the white frosting for a dark grey color.

The decorations include red licorice for the collar, eyebrows and paws.  A blue Jelly bean was used for his nose.  Two green jelly beans, with black food coloring, created the eyes.  Yellow frosting added his whiskers.  To make ears, I cut rice krispie treats into triangle shapes and frosted them with white and pink frosting.  Wilton Foodwriter pens were used to write his name and Happy Birthday on fruit rollups.

Adrian’s big hug and excited  “thanks grandma” comment, was worth staying up late the night before to create his special cake.


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