Spiral Jetty, Great Salt Lake, Utah

Utah has many unique and unusual sites worth visiting.  The Spiral Jetty, near Rozel Point definitely fits in this category.

2-Spiral JettyIn 1970, Robert Smithson built the 1,500-foot long, 15 foot-wide counter clockwise coil out of mud, salt crystals and basalt rocks.

He hired a contractor with two dump trucks, a tractor and a front-loader to move 6,650 tons of rock and earth from the shore into the water.

The sculpture juts out into an isolated area of the Great Salt Lake known as Gunnison Bay and is large enough to be seen in photographs taken from space.  IMGP1078The Spiral Jetty is located about 16 miles from the Promontory Golden Spike National Historic Site.

Our jeep easily took us over the unpaved, rock strewn roads.  We would not recommend visiting this area in anything but a high-clearance, four-wheel drive vehicle.

We visited the area when Utah was experiencing a drought and the basalt rocks and salt crystals were very visible.  Although the Jetty is usually below the water line, the best time to visit is in fall when the water level is at it’s lowest.


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