Frozen Lemon Recipe

Karen, my sister-in-law, mentioned how freezing and grating a lemon tasted so amazing when sprinkled on food.  I’m thrilled with my new discovery of an old idea about the healthy use of an entire lemon with no waste.

Blog lemon 1After washing the lemons, I put them into the freezer overnight.  The frozen lemon, including the seeds, can be grated by hand, but I don’t like to work so hard.  The time it took to push the lemons through my electric grater, was quicker than the time it would’ve taken to put band-aids on my fingers after using my hand grater.

Blog lemon 006 copyThe grated lemons can be kept in a zip lock bag to be sprinkled on salads, ice cream, fish dishes, soup, or anything else to give a fresh zing to your meal.

I love adding lemon to ice water, so I filled my ice cube trays half full of distilled water and a heaping teaspoon of grated lemon.  When frozen, the cubes were placed back into the freezer in a zip lock bag.

Now I can add one or two lemon flavored cubes to a glass of water for a refreshing drink.  Since the lemon peel contains over 5 times
more vitamins than the lemon juice itself, please join me in a drink to our good health.

Another lover of frozen lemons discusses this healthy subject on her link:


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