Lego Birthday Cake

My grandson loves Lego’s, so I surprised him with this Birthday cake.  I found many creative ideas for Lego cakes on

Lego CakeOne clever idea in this website, was to tape bubble wrap to the tray.  Spreading the frosting on the bubble wrap was made easy by thinning a can of white frosting with some milk and green food coloring.  I poured the frosting on and then spread it with a knife.  Removal was done by kids licking fingers.

I baked two Betty Crocker chocolate cakes (his favorite) in 9 x 13 size pans. The cooled cakes were cut into thirds and then into halves for different sizes. The ½ sizes can be cut in ½ again for the very smallest size.  Each Lego is 2 layers high for the largest sizes.  Note: This is where I had a problem with the moist cakes becoming sagging Legos.  I’ve since learned to wrap tin foil around carboard pieces and insert them between the layers to stabilize the leaning tower look.

I froze the cake pieces, so the cut edges frosted easily with less crumbling (a professional cake baker tip).  I then cut large marshmallows in half and frosted them for the Lego tops (another neat idea from the website).  Although fondant icing would give a finished look and frosting the sides smooth took longer, the taste was worth it.

The little Lego guy is made from Rice Krispie treats. The bars mold easily and stick together perfectly.  I cut ½-bar for the body and ½-bar to make the two legs.  Another bar was cut up to shape a round head, two arms and feet.  I used colored fondant to cover him and Wilton FoodWriter pens to draw fine lines for the eyes and other details.

Please let me know if you have any questions for creating this fun cake.


14 thoughts on “Lego Birthday Cake

    1. Neva Post author

      Thanks so much and if your son would like a free Lego magazine, please read my post in Discounts. Kids love getting their own mail.

    1. Neva Post author

      Thanks so much for your kind words. The fact that your child knows the birthday cake is what he wished for, will make it very VIP worthy. Keep up the good work on your blog, I love it.

  1. shannonseczema

    The cake looks amazing! Thanks for sharing the website. I just done I post on Birthday present Ideas and there is a picture of a pirate ship cake I made for my nephew. Feel free to check it out and let me know what you think 🙂

  2. Neva Post author

    Shannon, your pirate ship cake is so special and gorgeous. I’m sure he felt very special, since you made the cake that he wished for. Great job on your blog and I look forward to following you too.

    1. Neva Post author

      Thanks so much and if any of your grandchildren would like a free Lego magazine, please read my post in Discounts. Also, as you know, kids love getting their own mail.


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